Advanced Skin Care

When to Start Using Anti-Aging Products?


Start using anti-aging products as early as 18 years depending on your skin type. Choose a product that is convenient for your skin type. People with drier complexions should start earlier. Consequently, those with oily skin can find some aging creams or serums too much.

If you have dry skin, start with intensive and lipid-rich oils products. Oily skin types are acne prone hence does not need lipid-rich oil products. Using wrong anti-aging products can result in;

• Blackheads

• Clogged pores

• Increase in breakouts

It is never too early to start applying anti-aging skincare. The benefit of starting early is that it gives you an opportunity to correct premature aging. An effective anti-aging routine consists of eye cream, serum and day & night cream. Also, use retinol, exfoliator, dark spot corrector, and hydrating cleanser.Get More Info here Cellulite Reduction


Different ages need different products depending on the intensity of the aging signs. However, you can start as follows:

Persons 18-25 years

Start by using sun protectors with medium to high SPF. Incorporate a healthy lifestyle alongside tailored skincare routine. Make sure you use antioxidants and lighter products. This will help you achieve a greater looking skin. Make regular application to receive better results.

Persons 25-35 years

Light aging signs start to appear. You need to intensify hydration, sun protection and stimulate the production of collagen. This will prevent live spots. The aging signs become more visible during pregnancy. Therefore, use active anti-aging products with ingredients like retinol face cream to revive the skin. Regular exfoliation is necessary to ensure fast skin renewal.

Persons 35 – 45 years

Here you should intensify collagen stimulation and hydration. Also, use dark spot correctors and retinol cream to make your skin firm and to avoid wrinkles and frown lines. This will ensure you radiance to your skin. Also, use high SPF sun protection.

Persons 45 -55 years

Stick with non-drying cleansers. Use a gently cleansing brush to remove the dead skin cells, more so when using retinol products. Keep using sun protectors and treat your chest and neck areas using anti-aging products routinely.

Persons above 55 years

At this age, ensure your skin has good hydration and sun protection. Do not stop using anti-aging products regularly. Add some skin health products to improve skin texture and protection. You can use pure retinol face cream and peptides as well as dark spot correctors. The products help keep live spots in check.

The above age brackets help you know how to manage your skin aging. The products will speed up cell turnover and tackle premature gaining signs effectively. Getting rid of dry skin cell build up reduces oil and bacteria underneath the skin surface. In turn, it reduces clogging of pores and keeps your skin smooth, healthy, and young looking.

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