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If you are selling your own home, maybe you have come to the realization that there’s more to marketing a house than you would think. Buyers arrive with expectations and may naturally compare all the information to other properties they’ve got visited. What is the simplest way to top your competitors? The answer may lie in renovations.

The first step to adopt when preparing to renovate your own home for resale is working with a general contractor. It will then be their duty to negotiate a binding agreement for the entire remodelling project and also complete the project making use of their team, unless these are sub-contracting to a new remodelling contractor. A general contractor tackles projects involving planning and architecture, plumbing, electrical, roofing, dry wall, cabinetry, and painting.

Some may suggest receiving a few bids from different remodelling contractors before selecting the one for your house. However, others would agree that one could cut your hunt for the best general contractor short by choosing TheOttawaHomeRenovator for the remodelling project. Ottawa Contractor

“When we thought we would renovate our kitchen this season, we viewed several different companies and after checking around we chose to go with TheOttawaHomeRenovator and now we are so happy we did! As the house is 60 years old and now we wanted an “open style” our renovation involved removing existing walls, moving duct benefit the second floor, constantly some electrical, re-insulating and dry-walling exterior walls. TheOttawaHomeRenovator was over equipped to take care of all of this. Additionally,TheOttawaHomeRenovator installed pot lighting, a heated ceramic tile floor, as well as an awesome kitchen with the island that now makes the house flow fantastic! We would endorse TheOttawaHomeRenovator!” – Rhonda and Tom B.

TheOttawaHomeRenovator is often a General Contractor and Project Manager based out of Ottawa,Canada. Even as a very new contracting firm created in 2014, each part of the TheOttawaHomeRenovator team contains the necessary knowledge and experience generally in most aspects of construction and home renovations to not only get projects done, but done perfectly inside eyes with the client likewise. The two project managers offer an abundance of renovation and construction experience, together with the managing director who brings 27 numerous expertise to every one new remodelling project.

The rest with the TheOttawaHomeRenovator team includes skilled people in various trades like basement repair specialists, cabinet installers, carpenters, flooring installers, framers, licensed electricians, painters, roofers, and tapers.

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