Positive Workplace Culture

Good Workplace Etiquette

Everyone has faced workplace stress at some point or the other in life. Even though, fairly common, it can still hinder your skill to accomplish your job effectively. It can also greatly affect your physical and mental well-being. The economy, being what it is, has been causing increasing levels of stress in people. This has led to a feeling of standing on a relentless emotional roller coaster. You cannot completely avoid stress but you will surely cope better. Here are a few simple tips to fight stress at the workplace:

1. Take better good care of your state of health: Stress can be greatly relieved by regular exercises. If the stress increases vastly, take a rest. A fairly easy walk around the office, or stepping out on the balcony, will help you get rid of excessive anxiety and helplessness. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol during stressful conditions. These stimulants may seem attractive during stress, but cause increased dependence and anxiety in the long run. A good night’s sleep also is very essential to refresh the mind and body and cope better.

2. Time administration: A lot of stress in the workplace is due to unfinished tasks. Better time management helps you get through all the tasks for the way, without feeling stressed. Also, don’t over commit yourselves for tasks, and prioritize over the ‘essential’ and the ‘should-be-done’! Sometimes, eliminating or delegating some of the tasks that are not so important, also helps clear up your plate! Arriving to office even 30 minutes prior to regular time, can assist you cope up with the day better.
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3. Better interaction at the workplace: Sometimes, unhealthy workplace plays a great role in the stress levels that you face everyday. Realizing the impact of your emotional state on others goes a long distance in creating a better environment. Also manage your feelings better and always try to create a positive feeling in and around you. This helps create a happier and more satisfied labor pool, which can help you obtain even more than earlier. Also try to settle conflicts in a healthy manner, disregarding the old resentment that you may be feeling.

4. Lower your standards: No one can be perfect. Realizing this on your own and even your co-workers helps set you more realistic goals. Simply try to carry out the finest in your situation, and over expect anything else from others too!

5. Improve communication: Proper communication will help improve the interaction between you and others at work. This inculcates a spirit of team work and problem solving, helping you accomplish more each day. Effective communication helps in each person understand their roles and responsibilities in a better manner. Also the employees are more in tune with the requirements for the company which enable it to want to boost the total productivity. It helps make the people more valued for their job and helps to create better opportunities for career development. Every one of these factors specifically or not directly help in reducing excessive strain.

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