Cylinder Sleeve


Weltop Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialize in professionally producing casting machine ,which lies shandong. China.

The devices are very automatic,which will reduce the cost of your products or services.Our technology is very superior in the whole world. We now have 6 years of expertise upon designing and producing this will let you great deal of specialist technicians and also technical engineers. We now have succeeded in screening a lot more than 1,000 groups of machines.
Weltop Machinery continually focuses on technical invention and constantly best regards embraces friends from across the world to pay a visit to. We have been ready to offer you excellent qualified equipment and also content after services. Our products are exported to many nations and locations.
Customer’s fulfillment is our biggest pursuit. We believe that quality is the life of an enterprise!

Our own Top quality Standards

Our equipment is widely used in the production of Aluminium Alloy liner.Have been provided to many automobile manufacturer,such as Honda.We attach importance to the quality of our equipment greatly.The quality of casting relate to our equipment.So the higher quality our equipment have,the higher quality casting will be produced. Quality with out concluding,And we all have been trying to do much better.

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